Our Company

HatchPoint is where ideas are not just born. They are also nurtured. Ideas are common, but the ability to take an idea and develop it into a successful innovation is rare. Developing and nurturing ideas is not easy, and demands knowledge across a fields ranging from physics and engineering to business and law.

HatchPoint was founded in March 2001 as a consulting and design services firm. Working with clients including John Deere & Company, Caterpillar, and the University of Illinois, HatchPoint built a reputation for quickly developing imaginative solutions to complex problems.

Assisting the development of startup companies in Urbana, IL and Boston, MA introduced HatchPoint to entrepreneurship and business development. By early 2004, the company was reinvented as an "Idea Factory", a place where we would develop not just our client's ideas, but our own as well. Within six months of this transition, HatchPoint won its first SBIR (Small Business Innovation and Research) award and began down the path of the entrepreneurial company.

Today, we still work with clients as well as develop our own products. We feel that our experiences in building our own company help to provide our clients with not just engineering knowledge but also advice on how to build a concept into a successful product.