Bringing Ideas to Life

For over a decade, HatchPoint has been transforming ideas into designs. Whether for a client or our own business concepts, we have developed new technologies and techniques develop our own ideas,

Although HatchPoint emphasize system-level design, there are some fields in which we specialize:

  • Electronic hardware design with an emphasis on wireless and deeply embedded sensor networks. We do all prototype circuit design, layout, assembly, and testing in house and we have relationships with large scale manufacturers who streamline the process of commercialization.
  • Embedded software development for the Texas Instruments MSP430 and Atmel ARM and AVR series of processors. We support our product with Linux development at both the user and kernel device driver layers.
  • Web application development using the Pylons framework with MySQL or Postgres databases. We administer Linux servers on Linode and Amazon AWS environments for our own production environments.
  • Mechanical design that emphasizes novel electronics packaging and test beds for fine pitch and high density PC boards. We utilize rapid prototyping techniques by combining CAD modeling with CNC machine tools, RTV molding, and laser cutting to rapidly deliver a final product to the customer.